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Green Galleries in the Twin Cities
Includes Listing of Green Galleries and Museums
–Rob O’Brien, Object Magazine

Art galleries have a way of not wanting to fit the criteria determined for something to be considered “green.” There’s very little recycling happening in these creative spaces (unless you count harvesting scrap metal for sculpture). Social consciousness? This, too, seems to be a rarity in Twin Cities galleries. However, each one of the galleries listed here has made a point to exhibit local art or to take on social issues that challenge the public and a traditional view of art.

Many emerging artist galleries focus more on the profitability of an artist rather than the nature of the work involved. However, hidden within the network of galleries and museums in Minneapolis and St. Paul is a collection of spaces that strives to bridge the distance between the general public and community artists. Furthermore, the smaller size and community orientation of emerging artists also ensure their place on this list, if for no other reason than to help them maintain visibility in the shadow of the larger, independent galleries such as the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and the Walker. But yes, the Walker made it as well. Size isn’t everything – the Walker’s programs make a definite point to include the community. In the end, this listing of galleries and museums gives Art the benefit of the doubt it rarely receives from positions of cultural power.

Argyle Zebra (AZ) Gallery
Northern Warehouse, 308 Prince St., St. Paul
Phone: 651-255-6624
The AZ Gallery acts as the communal gallery for the artists’ co-op of Lowertown, St. Paul. Art is produced on site and shown by artists – what’s more community-oriented?

ArTrujillo Studio Gallery
International Bazaar
301 E. Lake St. Suite 01, Minneapolis
Phone: 612-821-9076
The shopping center housing this gallery turns some people off from visiting, but ArTrujillo Studio Gallery has some of the best artwork from the local Latino community.

Jim Brandenburg Gallery
Luverne, MN & Ely, MN
Phone: 877-493-8017
Brandenburg may be Minnesota’s preeminent nature photographer. His Boundary Waters images taken between Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice revitalized interest in the park.

Chicano and Latino Arts Center and Museum
4137 Bloomington Ave. S., Minneapolis
Phone: 612-728-5723
The CreArte gallery encompasses both traditional and multi-media art within a space that focuses on the work of the Latino community.

Flatland Gallery
208 E. Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis
Phone: 612-378-3890
Flatland seeks out local emerging artists to show in the gallery. Flatland opened in response to the call for more space for artists to display their work “at affordable prices.”

Franconia Sculpture Park
29815 Unity Ave., Shafer
Phone: 651-465-3701
Sculptures of scrap iron, wood and other materials rise out of the fields at the Franconia Sculpture Park, urging people to get out of their cars and walk among the giant art.

Franklin Art Works
1021 E. Franklin Ave., Minneapolis
Phone: 612-872-7494
Housed in the heart of Phillips, the Franklin Art Works hosts free exhibitions focusing on one artist. Each summer, their shows deal with issues relating to the Phillips community.

Homewood Studios
2400 Plymouth Ave. N., Minneapolis
Phone: 612-587-0230
Homewood studios is an artists’ workspace and small community gallery/meeting space designed for local artists and community members.

Icebox Gallery
2401 Central Ave, Minneapolis
Phone: 612-788-1790
The thought provoking Icebox Gallery accurately represents the kinds of hoops artists jump through to show their work. The gallery shows work from local artists.

Intermedia Arts
2822 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis
Phone: 612-871-4444
Intermedia Arts is the perfect example of what a “green gallery” can be. They show and promote community art, educate the public and perform outstanding non-profit work.

MCAD/Calhoun Square Gallery
3001 Hennepin Ave. S., Minneapolis
Phone: 612-874-3748
Calhoun Square may not seem a very green space for art, but the MCAD/Calhoun Square gallery still helps to bring the work of student artists to the community.

Midway Contemporary Art
2500 University Ave. W., Suite C-2, St. Paul
Phone: 651-917-1851
The Twin Cities are in dire need of more non-commercial art space such as this one. Midway Contemporary Art’s space brings art to the industrial Midway neighborhood.

Katherine E. Nash Gallery
Willey Hall, 225 19th Ave. S., Minneapolis
Phone: 612-624-7530
Buried in the basement of Wiley Hall on the University of Minnesota’s West Bank, the Nash Gallery gets ignored too often. Exhibits tend to focus on work from the University community and the Twin Cities.

No Name Exhibitions at the Soap Factory
110 5th Ave. SE, Minneapolis
Phone: 612-623-9176
No Name Exhibitions gallery sits inside a beautifully renovated warehouse near the Mississippi. The space helps introduces emerging local artists to the public eye.

pARTS Gallery
711 W Lake St., Minneapolis
Phone: 612-824-5500
The pARTS photographic gallery deals with social and political art as seen through the camera lens.

Resource Center of the Americas
3019 Minnehaha Ave. S., Minneapolis
Phone: 612-276-0788
The Resource Center doesn’t have a gallery space per se, but displays a mural outside and houses art focusing on community and the Americas inside the building.

Rogue Buddha Gallery
2402 E. Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis
Phone: 612-331-3889
Rogue Buddha attempts to mix all mediums of art within four walls. The ambitious gallery bursts with the color of local artists.

Soo Visual Arts Gallery
2640 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis
Phone: 612-871-2263
The Soo Gallery attempts to make art more accessible to the community – even going so far as to distribute art through gumball machines (for a quarter or two).

Thomas Barry Fine Arts
530 North 3rd Street
Minneapolis MN 55104
phone: 612-338-3656
fax: 612.436.0283,
Thomas Barry Fine Arts is a for-profit gallery showing primarily contemporary Midwestern Artists since 1984. Represented artists include Judy Onofrio, Lynn Geesaman, David Lefkowitz and Thomas Allen.

Two Rivers Art Gallery
1530 E Franklin Ave., Minneapolis
Phone: 612-879-1780
Emerging Native American artists have a chance to display both traditional and contemporary art at Two Rivers Gallery.

The Waiting Room
1828 Marshall St. NE, Suite 5, Minneapolis
Phone: 612-781-8115
Perhaps the most cutting-edge gallery in the Twin Cities. The Waiting Room deals with the art of social critique and more. Few claim to understand it; many love it.

Walker Art Center
725 Vineland Place, Minneapolis
Phone: 612-375-7622
The Walker may be “the name” for art in the cities, but they keep in touch with the community through programs such as “Walker on Wheels,” which brings art to neighborhoods by automobile.