Neighborhood Networks
Includes Listing of Neighborhood Networks
–Compiled by Ami Voeltz & Cindi Contie

“. . . [A community] must have characteristics which cause it to substantially meet the following criteria:

1. It must have enough population to support a full cross-section of community services, i.e. schools, including a high school, a major shopping center, etc.

2. It must not be so large in size that it would be impractical for any portion to patronize reasonably located community facilities within it.

3. It must not be divided by major physical features in such a way as to prohibit effective internal circulation.

4. Wherever possible, it should have easily identified boundaries.

5. Wherever possible, it should have a strong identifying feature or characteristic.

It is intended that communities serve as the basic unit for general planning the City. As such, they will be the Commission’s standard unit for field surveys, for data collection, tabulation and analysis, plan preparation and citizen participation.”

“The term “neighborhood” is used to describe the basic sub-division of the community. Typically, a neighborhood covers an area which can logically be served by one elementary school. The term “neighborhood” is meant to apply to predominantly residential areas, though servicing institutions, schools and businesses serving day to day needs are included within neighborhood boundaries. The term may also be applied to such intensive, special use areas as industrial, commercial, and institutional districts.”

Excerpted from “Minneapolis Communities: Their Definition and Purpose”. City of Minneapolis Planning Commission. Publication No. 107, Neighborhood Series No. 4. May

A city of 368,383 people, contains 11 communities, 81 neighborhoods and 4 industrial areas.

NOTE: This web page has every Minneapolis neighborhoods’ contact information, census profiles, maps, and reports. If there is no contact information for your neighborhood listed below, see this website to find out more:

Calhoun-Isles Community:

Bryn-Mawr: 612-377-4634

CARAG (Calhoun Area): 612-823-2520

Cedar-Isles-Dean: no number available

East Isles: no number available

ECCO (East Calhoun): 612-362-5952

Kenwood: 612-377-3753

Lowry Hill: 612-374-3099

Lowry Hill East (Wedge): 612-377-5023

West Calhoun: 612-928-3511

Camden Community:

Camden Cleveland: 612-522-8167

Folwell: 612-521-2100

Lind-Bohanon: 612-588-1975 or 612-588-7641

McKinley: 612-302-8922

Shingle Creek: 612-781-1191

Victory: 612-529-9558

Central Community:

Downtown East & Downtown West: 612-659-1279

North Loop:

Stevens Square: 612-871-7307

Longfellow Community: 612-722-4529





Seward: 612-338-6205

Near North Community:

Harrison: 612-374-4849

Hawthorne: 612-529-6033

Jordan: 612-521-8436

Near North: 612-335-5924

Sumner-Glenwood: 612-342-1523

Willard-Hay: 612-335-5924

Nokomis Community:

Diamond Lake: 612-824-7707

Ericsson: 612-721-1601

Field: 612-721-5424

Hale: 612-824-7707

Keewaydin (Nokomis East): 612-724-5652

Minnehaha: 612-724-5652

Morris Park: 612-724-5652

Northrup: 612-721-5424

Page: 612-824-7707

Regina: 612-721-5424

Wenonah: 612-724-5652

Northeast Community:

Audubon Park: 612-788-8790

Beltrami: 612-627-9967

Bottineau: 612-788-5551

Columbia Park: 612-788-8274

Holland: 612-781-2229

Logan Park: 612-874-9002

Marshall Terrace: 612-706-1460

Northeast Park: 612-781-6620

St. Anthony East: 612-379-9381

St. Anthony West: 612-378-8886

Sheridan: 612-379-0728

Waite Park: 612-370-4959

Windom Park: 612-788-2192

Phillips Community:

Phillips: 612-871-0662

Powderhorn Community:

Bancroft: 612-724-5313

Bryant: 612-824-3453

Central: 612-822-3202

Corcoran: 612-724-7457

Lyndale: 612-824-9402

Powderhorn Park: 612-722-4817

Whittier: 612-871-7756

Southwest Community:

Armatage: 612-668-3206

East Harriet Farmstead: 612-824-9350

Fuller: 612-399-1721

Fulton: 612-922-3106

Kenny: 612-392-4477

King Field: 612-823-5980

Linden Hills: 612-926-2906

Lynnhurst: 612-823-5190

Windom: 612-866-8027

University Community:

Cedar-Riverside: 612-338-6375 or 612-343-4583

Como: 612-788-8274

Nicollet Island: 612-623-9152

Prospect Park East River Road: 612-331-8819 or 612-331-2970

Marcy Holmes: 612-379-3814/3812

Industrial Areas: Camden Industrial Area, Humboldt Industrial Area, Mid-City Industrial Area, North River Industrial Area

St. Paul is divided into 17 Citizen Participation Planning Districts.

NOTE: This web site has every St. Paul districts’ contact information, census profiles, maps, and reports. If there is no contact information for your neighborhood listed below, see this website to find out more:

Battle Creek


Dayton’s Bluff: 651-772-2075


Greater East Side



Lexington-Hamline, Merriam Park, Snelling-Hamline:


North End


St. Anthony Park:

Summit Hill



West Seventh

West Side: 651-293-1798

The St. Paul Public Works Department is working on getting the District Councils on-line. Check: