How to Use This Site

Each of The Twin Cities Green Guide’s 171 Topics have been placed into one of 17 Categories. The Topics are alphabetized within each category. Each topic has one article, and may have a Resource box, a What You Can Do box, and/or a sidebar(s).

Main Categories

2. The logo is a link to get back to the home page.

3. The breadcrumbs tell you where you are in the site.

4. Links to a printer-friendly version of the current article.

5. Search the entire Green Guide site by keyword. Use quotes around phrases.

6. When articles are longer than one page, use the blue navigation bar to get to the next page(s).

7. Category Icon and list of articles for that category

8. Link to the GREEN PAGES for the Category you are in.

9. Resources for each Topic, including Websites, Books, and local Contacts.

10. Sidebar or What You Can Do box

11. Links for Twin Cities Green Guide information.

12. A red heart indicates the end of each article.

13. Cross-references to more related articles.